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Fake Graphic: Photo of Giant Skulls. A photo shows a group of people who have unearthed two giant human skulls. Is the photo

Actived: Thursday Feb 25, 2021

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Social Media Scam: Fake Marlboro Coupon - wafflesatnoon.com

One link has a title of “Get-a-Free Marlboro Cigarette Carton to celebrate 144th Birthday,” and another link has a similar (poorly-worded) title of, “Get-2-Free Marlboro Cigarette Carton to celebrate 110th Birthday.” The domains in the coupons, rite-com.com and marlboro.com-enjoy.com were both registered in April 2016.

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Beware of the Fake Kohl's "$250 Clearance Sale Coupon" Post

A post circulating on Facebook claims that Kohl’s is giving away free $250 clearance sale coupons. Kohl’s has denounced the post. Sponsored Links Survey Scam Fake giveaways such as this have been on Facebook for years. In the case of the current Kohl’s version, a post claims that visitors to the link will receive a […]

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Disney Ticket Coupon Giveaway: Survey Scam - wafflesatnoon.com

Don’t share a link which promises to give you 4 free tickets to Disneyland. It’s a scam. Sponsored links 4 Free Disney Tickets? If you are reading this, you likely saw one your friends share a link which shows a coupon for 4 free tickets to Disneyland. The URL in the link itself may be somewhat strange, […]

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Scam Alert: Smart Shoppers Savings Club - wafflesatnoon.com

Look , i have worked with Smart shoppers , first off , the company is not based in Arizona , its based in India Mumbai and the address is as follows: Nichel Global Solutions , 3rd Floor, Interface building no :16, Mindspace, Link Road, Malad (West), , Mumbai 400064….. i have to keep my name undercover as im planning on getting the mofos screwed badly…..

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Scam Alert: Car Wrap Sales Pitch - wafflesatnoon.com

If you receive an email offering to wrap your car in advertising in exchange for a weekly paycheck, be aware that this is likely a scam. Sponsored Links The Email Everyone has seen those “wrapped” cars driving around in which the auto is completely covered in advertising. There are in fact legitimate businesses which utilize this form […]

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Target Scam Gift Card Text Message - wafflesatnoon.com

This site’s terms & conditions reference DailyDealFinder.com. That domain is most likely the original site from which this template was taken. DailyDealFinder.com was the subject of an earlier post here for a “free” iPad, based on a similar rewards program. Oddly, the Terms for this site start off: DailyDealFinder.com

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Chillow Reviews: Does this Product Work?

Cons. Temperature.Although Chillow starts off cool, it eventually loses its coolness throughout the night, albeit slower than a regular pillow. After a few hours, the Chillow may tend to feel warmer than a regular pillow. Flipping it over or using a second Chillow may remedy this.

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Scam Alert: 849 Area Code Calls from the Dominican Republic

You are better off ignoring these calls. Avoid calling the number back because it is an international call and could be a one-ring scam (see below). One-Ring Scam. In 2014, a scam which included the 849 area code was announced by the BBB and FTC. The one-ring scam involves a phone call from the 849 area code (and others) which rings once and

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Clear TV Antenna Reviews: Does it Work? (Jan. 2016 Update)

Clear TV is an HDTV digital antenna, advertised as a way to receive broadcast television channels for free. We were one of the first to review the product back in 2013, and we offer updated observations for 2016. Sponsored links About Clear TV Clear TV is a standard television antenna with a sleek design which […]

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MyPillow Review (Aug. 2015 Update) - Wafflesatnoon Reviews

You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $90 for a pillow, depending on specials, coupons, size, or model. The original color-coded system to choose the optional pillow included 5 options: yellow, white, green, blue, and red. Each type was suited to different sizes and genders. We went with the “blue” model for our tests.

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