Venture Harbour: The UK's Most Ambitious Startup Studio

Venture Harbour is the world’s-first bootstrapped venture studio. Each year, we build a new venture with one rule; It must be more ambitious than the last.

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7 Ways Loss Aversion Can Boost Your - Venture Harbour

Source: As Khalid Saleh points out in this article for, coupons are a classic loss aversion tactic that still works in the digital age.. Coupons trigger loss aversion far more aggressively than a regular sales promotion. Why? Because a coupon is something consumers easily gain; it’s something they can comprehend owning – and it’s something they can image losing.

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13 Ways To Increase Ecommerce Sales That You Should Be Using

Ideally, these should be dollar-off coupons e.g. $10 off your next order. In the same study as above, Experian found that when compared to other popular discounts, such as a %-off or free shipping coupon, dollar-off discounts generated the highest redemption rates and revenue per mailing. 5. Use long-form content marketing to boost SEO traffic

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CTA Psychology: 11 Principles That Make Users Click

Well, one reason coupons are more effective than regular sales is because brands are giving consumers something imaginary – a coupon they feel as if they actually own. And, the fear of missing out on this discount is greater than the sense of gain they’ll get from a regular discount of the same value.

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The 8 Best Wordpress Membership Plugins For Your Site in 2021

Promotional coupons, sales, and discounts can be activated, for either a percentage off the order amount, or a one-time flat fee decrease. Users pay via PayPal. As an add-on, you can integrate PayPal Pro/Express or Stripe.

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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income online. If you've ever dreamt of making money while you sleep then affiliate earn how to manage a successful affiliate marketing strategy with this step-by-step guide.

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Learn How You Can Get A Free Domain Name In 60 Seconds

If you want a free domain, but don’t want to pay the price further down the line, you’re best off getting one free with your hosting. I highly recommend avoiding any offers that save you $10/year in exchange for relinquishing control over your website. In the long run, it will cost you much more in time, energy, and money.

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9 Cognitive Biases That Influence Buyer Decisions

The classic loss aversion tactic used by marketers is to give shoppers free coupons. Once you give people a $5-off voucher, they feel like they own that perceived saving. And, if you threaten to take that away, people automatically feel as if they’re losing something that’s rightfully theirs – even though there’s nothing to own.

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The Marketing Metrics & KPIs You *Should* be Tracking

This gives you a better idea of how valuable each closed lead will be for your business and also helps you set budgets for your customer retention efforts (eg: customer service, coupons, etc.). Calculating a lifetime value per customer isn’t exactly straightforward but many analytics tools will be able to calculate an average figure for you

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10 Lead Magnet Examples That'll Get You 300-400% More Leads

In fact, from the comfort zone calculator that I built a few years ago (which uses a 3-step survey / quiz to generate a user’s results) we found that 84.3% of users who start the survey enter their email address to receive their results.. 6. Offer a free guide with an exit-intent pop-up. If you’ve spent more than five minutes reading digital marketing blogs over the past year, you’ll

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