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Actived: Saturday Mar 6, 2021


Integrated small business campaign for Black Friday

The headline read “Did you think our 20% off Black Friday coupon wasn’t generous enough?” In terms of purchases the Cyber Monday email was twice as effective as that of Black Friday but do remember that it may also have served as s useful reminder to those that may still have been waiting to act on the Friday email.

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Black Friday Case Study: a small business integrated approach

So we went for a 20% blanket discount off every product. With some of the existing sales and offers (we already reward bulk buyers) this represented a significant saving on RRP for many products. Messaging

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Plans for Black Friday 2105 | The Digiterati

One of the criticisms of Musicademy’s 2015 promotion by our customers was that it wasn’t generous enough: we offered a blanket 20% off all existing website prices. Now the criticism was, I feel, one of perception. 20% itself isn’t that generous, but 20% plus a 10, 20 or even 50% discount is wildly so.

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