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Should I give a Vitamin B12 supplement to my dog? brought to you by the experts and pet lovers at That Fish Place - That Pet Place and

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Dog surgery | Preparing your home for a recovering dog

Dog surgery | Preparing your home for a recovering dog. Don’t cordon them off alone all the time, make sure they get plenty of family time while they are supervised! A happy dog is a healthy dog. If you have slick floors, invest in some cheap, rubber backed throw rugs.

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Do Dog Rocks work to prevent urine burn? A Dog Rocks Review

Do Dog Rocks Work to Prevent Urine Burn? A Dog Rocks Review. Posted by: hcrotsley in Destructive behavior, Dogs, Pet Problems September 13, 2013 20 Comments 31889 Views . Freshly Rinsed Dog Rocks. In post earlier this week, I explained what Dog Rocks are and how they claim to eliminate new urine burn spots on your lawn. I used them for 30 days

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