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Actived: Friday Mar 5, 2021


The Best Loyalty Program Software for Any Business

Track customer actions for purchase or social behavior directly on social media sites. Customers can follow their progress toward rewards, and the reward options range from standard coupons and percentages off to custom rewards built via the API. also offers referral and VIP programs that further drive customer loyalty. Loyalis

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The Best Gamification Software in 2021 | TechnologyAdvice

Customer loyalty tools often provide rewards in the form of digital coupons or free items, whereas companies may offer cash or days off as rewards for spectacular training. Leaderboards Companies hoping to increase competition among sales executives may publish a revenue leaderboard in the sales office with the top five sellers for the month.

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Pirq Reviews | TechnologyAdvice

The intelligent mobile marketing platform eliminates prepaying for deals, printing coupons, and lost punch cards. Vendors benefit from the company’s SmartYield technology that adjusts coupons in real-time to leverage peak hours and increase profits. It also provides a way for businesses to grow and measure profits with a 12-month data-driven

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Stop Treating Your Email Lists Like A Junk Drawer with

With a good marketing automation system and a little vlookup spreadsheet magic, you can get a pretty clear view of the folks that are only interacting with your coupons and discounts. Discounts are no way to grow revenue, so think about getting rid of the folks that rely on you for coupons.

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Everyday Gamification Examples with Big Results

Trailhead taps our desire to be recognized, which is compounded when we share to social media to show off our new mad skills, but also offers recognition for Salesforce as well. By sharing that badge, Salesforce also gets visibility across thousands of LinkedIn profiles, further promoting their product and Trailhead.

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7-Step Sequence for Onboarding Emails That Convert New

A successful onboarding plan starts off value-heavy before you ever hit send on a sales letter. Here is a 7-step sequence for onboarding emails that converts new users into paying customers (without boring or spamming your readers): Email #1: The Welcome Email. Start at the beginning!

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Is Gamification Data Meaningful? - TechnologyAdvice

Additionally, having data on a customer’s purchase history allows you to customize promotions to specific interests – after all, no one wants coupons they aren’t going to use. By tracking this data, companies can recommend related products that the customer would likely buy if offered a discount.

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Customer Segmentation: Methods, Techniques, and Real

Dust off your smarketing personas, because we’re getting back to basics. Well, kinda, because customer segmentation is generally considered an “advanced” marketing technique, but it’s so effective (and easy to do!) that really it should be a basic tool in your smarketer’s toolkit.

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7 (Good) Ideas for Your Next Email Blast - TechnologyAdvice

Show off your volunteer work, or that guy who won the triathlon this year. By garnering human interest in your company you remind your customer that humans work at your company. As an added bonus, they might be just that much more likely to be nice to you on the phone.

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Mambo.IO Reviews | TechnologyAdvice

It incorporates recognizable engagement strategies like coupons, activity feeds, and also offers several off-the-shelf widgets to help save time when designing your gamification strategy. Last but not least, Mambo.IO offers rich REST APIs, Java / PHP SDKs, and is built on the eminently scalable MongoDB database and Java engine.

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