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Actived: Monday Mar 1, 2021


How to create a coupon code in magento that will apply a

I want to implement a coupon code which will give the user 20% Off on their shopping cart if the value of the discount is less than 500. e.g. Total Cart Value is 10000 20% coupon code applied would give a discount of 2000 However the maximum discount that should be given is only 500.

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php - How to create a coupon on specific product in

Let's say I have 10% off coupon code. This coupon is applicable only to Product B A customer have in its cart : Product P1 Product B Product P2 I don't want my 10% off coupon apply to other pr

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How to create a coupon on specific product or category in

I am using Magento ver. Let's say I have 20% off coupon code. This coupon is applicable only to Product B A customer have in its cart : Product A Product B Product C I don't want my 20

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Magento Coupon code with 100% free in entire whole cart

Magento Coupon code with 100% free in entire whole cart. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Active 5 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 2k times 0. I need a coupon whith 100% free in entire cart, how I can create it via admin or programatically? If everything is 100% off then that's all you need. Leave everything else blank.

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xcode - Validate Coupon Codes with Javascript - Stack Overflow

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What is the algorithm to determine the best way to

If I have 1 coupon, item 1 gets it for $10 off; If I have 2 coupons, item 1 gets them for $15 off; If I have 3 coupons, item 1 gets 2, and item 3 gets 1, for $17 off; If I have 4 coupons, then either: Item 1 gets 1 and item 2 gets 3 for a total of $25 off, or; Item 2 gets all 4 for $25 off. If I have 5 coupons, then item 2 gets all 5 for $35 off.

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Creating a single random Magento coupon - Stack Overflow

So, I'm trying to write a simple script that trips when the "subscribe to our newsletter" form is submitted that will talk to Magento, ask Magento for a single random coupon code, set a few basic price rules (10 bucks off anything, one use per customer, one use per coupon, expires two weeks from generation) and then return a random coupon code

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HTML\CSS Coupon Script - Stack Overflow

Does anyone know how to create a coupon (printable is even better) with HTML & CSS? Forgive the horribly simple question, I don't do much of any web development :) Thanks in advance. EDIT: ED

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Get coupon data from WooCommerce orders - Stack Overflow

Update 2. First you can't access anymore WC objects properties since WooCommerce 3. You should now use WC_Coupon getter methods to get coupon details from the WC_Coupon Object instance…. In your case you have to use get_discount_type() method or is_type( 'cash_back_fixed' ) method …. Here is the way to do it:

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java - How to write a program that solves discount + price

A software company sells a package that retails for $99. Quantity discounts are applied if the number of packages ordered is: Quantity Discount 10 - 19 20% 20 - 49 30% 50 - 99 40% 100 or more 50%

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