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Create and Manage Discounts | Square Support Center - US

For example, you can create a BOGO discount so that when a customer purchases 2 hats, they’ll receive 50% off the cost of a scarf. Note: If you’d like to set up a buy one, get one free discount, just make sure to set the discount percentage amount to 100%. To get started: Visit Items > Discounts in your online Square Dashboard.

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Create a Coupon in Square Online | Square Support Center - US

Coupons are a great way to incentivize your customers to buy your items. You can create three types of coupons for your online store with different rules and restrictions. Customers enter the coupon code during checkout and see the discount immediately. All discounts are applied before tax and shipping rates.

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Apply Discounts | Square Support Center - US

Note: Percentage discounts can be applied to an entire sale or to individual items. Dollar amount discounts can only be applied to an entire sale at this time, unless you’re using automatic discounts.Discounts are applied before taxes. Apply Discounts on a Tablet

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Discounts FAQ | Square Support Center - US

Only one automatic discount will apply to each item. The Square app will apply the discount most favorable to your customer. When applying Buy One, Get One discounts, the discount will be applied to the lower priced matched item(s). In other words, if a Buy One, Get One discount applies to three items priced at $20, $15, and $10, then the discount would qualify with the $20 item and apply to

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Square Marketing FAQ | Square Support Center - US

Select Online use on the right side menu and input the Square Online coupon code you created under Coupon Code. Fill in the rest of the details of your coupon just as you did in your Square Online site. *Note: if you fill out any of these details differently than when you set up your original coupon in Square Online, these changes will not

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Promote Your eGift Cards | Square Support Center - US

To discontinue a promotion, toggle the Enable button off. Create a Promotion Code. To create a promotion code: Sign in to the Gift Cards section of your online Square Dashboard > eGift Cards. Click Promotion Code. Enter a promo code that’s 4-20 characters long. Select whether you’d like to offer a dollar amount or percentage discount.

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Apply Coupons and Loyalty Rewards to Purchases | Square

Select coupons to apply them to your customer’s cart. After adding a customer to a sale. If you’ve added a customer to the sale, tap on View Customer to see their profile. Scroll down to the section titled Coupons, and tap “Apply to Sale” for any coupons you’d like to apply to the customer’s transaction.

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Get Started with Square Online | Square Support Center - US

If you have multiple sites, go to Settings > Coupons. Once you’ve finished setting up your coupon marketing campaign, select Select Audience. Select your coupon campaign audience. You can also choose to share your campaign on Facebook with free posts, or paid advertising to expand your audience.

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Send Coupons with Feedback | Square Support Center - US

Note: Coupons can only be sent to customers who’ve allowed responses to their feedback. This means that while a customer may have submitted feedback, if they haven’t allowed responses, you won’t be able to send them a coupon via feedback.

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Gift Cards FAQ | Square Support Center - US

Yes. If you use multiple locations with Square, your gift cards can be issued and redeemed at any location.. If you use eGift Cards, customers can order them online from your eGift Card order site by sharing your custom URL with them, or they can order gift cards through the Give and Get Local Directory along with other local businesses in your area that also offer eGift Cards.

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