LinkedIn's Developing A New Freelance Marketplace Platform

The process would also include the development of a digital wallet, which would facilitate payments on the platform. That could also play a role in LinkedIn's expanded plans to incentivize content creators to keep posting on the platform.. The new freelance service could signifcantly expand LinkedIn's utility, and further embed it as a key platform for HR operations - if it can get it right.

Actived: Tuesday Feb 23, 2021


Considering Offering a Groupon? Read This First. | Social

Here's an idea: Offer YOUR CUSTOMERS 50% off to bring in someone new (who will pay either full price or a slightly reduced price). This way you are rewarding your existing customers with a discount AND getting new business at full or nearly full price.

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When Did It Become Cool to Coupon? | Social Media Today

4 Influencers that Make Coupon Marketing Cool. The coupon industry has come a long way from the nostalgic days of my grandmother clipping coupons from Manchester, New Hampshire's Union Leader newspaper. In some ways, it's even become "cool." Inmar, a company that operates collaborative commerce networks reported that more than 311 billion coupons were distributed in the U.S. in 2011, 3.5

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Forget the Coupons: 5 Innovative Ways to Reward Customer

Discounts and coupons are all very well, but technology can help give your customers a unique experience whether you are a small business or a multi-national company. Give your customers the commitment they deserve and come up with creative ways to reward them for not only their loyalty, but advocacy as well.

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GroupOn Now! And The Future Of GroupOn | Social Media Today

A few minutes ago, GroupOn launched a brand new offering called GroupOn Now! This web and mobile friendly platform is more than a new way extension from GroupOn, it's the future of the company. GroupOn was built on an incredibly simple concept: (a) one deal per city per day (b) the deal is unlocked when a predefined number of participants opt into the deal.

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Target Cartwheel: Social Shopping for Millennials | Social

After adding these four coupons, a single barcode was generated for the sales associate to scan at checkout. The coupon I was most excited about was one for 10% off a pair of sandals. The sandals in question were $15 originally, and as a budget- conscious fashionista about to (finally) experience summer in Minnesota, they had been on my radar

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Do we live in a bribery economy? | Social Media Today

Discounts! Coupons! X% off! We all love a sweet deal. I mean, who doesn't want an incentive to purchase a product or service? It's what persuades our behaviors as consumers to pick one brand over another - and unless we have a sacred affinity to a specific brand & their products {Apple Macs/iPods or Nike shoes} we're typically swayed by these offerings.

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Will Digital Coupons Be the Death Knell of the Printed

Currently, 90% of coupons are still sourced via print, but digital coupon technology is on the rise and once consumers make the inevitable switch away from paper, what will keep newspapers afloat? For now, online coupons are offered directly by retailers and manufacturers. But for the broadest array of digital deals, consumers look to third party sites that specialize in issuing coupon codes

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Writing Effective Facebook Posts | Social Media Today

Offer fans "$ off" and coupons. Posts containing these offer-related keywords receive the highest engagement. "$ OFF" offers receive twice the engagement of "% OFF" offers. Avoid complicated Wall Posts. Status-only Posts receive 94% higher than average engagement; Link to the Study by Buddy Media.

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3 Lessons in Customer Service Crayola's Twitter Can Teach

These fast responses not only work, but they also get the favorite love from other Twitter users, pleased to see the coloring company is on the case to make what was wrong right again with already-purchased products - and not just by sending over a 10% discount coupon code to use on the website either. 2) Help and praise go hand in hand.

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Facebook Publishes New Report on the Role of Social in

First off, on fashion shopping, Facebook’s research shows that 70% of online fashion shopping journeys which end in purchase have at least one mobile touchpoint, with mobile-linked chains also having higher conversion potential. The final element of Facebook’s report looks at how open shoppers are to receiving ads for offers or coupons

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