What Is Customer Experience (CX) Automation? - Definition

Customer experience automation is any technology that assists customers with common tasks, sometimes replacing the involvement of humans, to improve customer interactions.CX refers to the touchpoints that consumers use to communicate with a brand, such as a social media account, company website or customer service and support channels.. CX automation uses technology and systems to improve

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How to create a customer satisfaction survey

For example, an airline may collect customer feedback from a small group of travelers regarding a malfunction with an in-flight entertainment system on a plane and find it was able to remedy a less-than-ideal situation by offering affected travelers free drink coupons or a partial refund on that flight.

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Business text messaging examples that engage customers

To show our appreciation, here's a coupon code for 20% off your next purchase!" Personalized text messages. Businesses that maintain customer profile data in a CRM system will find these easy to use. Such messages are one-to-one communications, and businesses can precisely craft these messages to address the customer's needs.

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What is customer loyalty? Definition from

Offers include coupons, volume discounts, time-sensitive discounts and member-based discounts. For example, a coupon sent to customers that offers 25% off of a purchase by the end of the month, or a special offer for customers that are part of an exclusive customer membership, such as a store credit card.

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Don't alienate customers with forced context marketing

An hour later, as you walk past your favorite coffee chain, a $1 off coupon appears in your phone's mobile wallet. Five minutes later, as you walk into your hotel, another alert pops up to tell you that Room 2302 is ready for you, allowing you to skip the long registration line and proceed directly to your room.

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Location-based service apps yield trove of information

Companies are using information that they can gather about customers, including location and other data, to provide digital offers that can augment customers' experience in stores. Men's retailer Men's Wearhouse, for example, uses mobile wallet technology to provide unique offers when customers are proximal to the store. Not only does it provide consumers with additional discounts and

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6 Steps to Create Customer Profiles with Examples

Well-off and healthy, they would be easy to attract with strong, targeted content. The last customer profile of a college student is a strong match for an online retailer seeking to offer affordable products to a wide market segment without a lot of spending money.

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Customer insight at center of positive customer experience

Consider the big-box store that used data from one teenager's recent purchases, including a pregnancy test kit, and sent targeted coupons to her home when she lived with her parents. Or, think about a retailer using a personalization engine to suggest baby clothes purchases when a customer recently bought a crib as a gift.

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Mobile payment technologies met with interest -- and caution

During the December 2014 holiday season, Men's Wearhouse stepped up the mobile wallet initiative with a multichannel approach. By text or SMS, it asked customers to opt in to receive a coupon. Next came a gamification component, in which customers received a digital "scratch-to-win coupon" of either $10, $20 or $30 off their next purchase. Then

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