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Nutshell is the user-friendly sales automation CRM that helps sales reps win more deals, with fast onboarding, powerful reporting, and 100% free support.

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Nutshell Promo Code | CRM Coupon Codes and Discount Codes

Nutshell is already the best value in CRM, with one of the most affordable starting prices on the market. But since you took the time to find this page, here’s a special Nutshell promo code for enterprising CRM buyers like yourself: SNEAKY10 10% off your first year of Nutshell for any plan,

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For Customers Only: Get 20% off Paymo Project Management

Nutshell was recently hand-selected as one of Paymo’s perferred software partners, and we’re returning the favor by offering Nutshell customers an exclusive 20% discount off of any Paymo paid plan. Since this discount is for Nutshell customers only, we can’t post the coupon code publicly.

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The Complete Guide to Writing MUCH Better Marketing Emails

– Seats to our [seminar or workshop title] are still available. Sign up by Friday with the code “[coupon code]” and get $40 off the price of your virtual ticket. – My dear friend [author] wrote a book on [topic] that is going to wind up making me an extra $80,000 this year, if I’m doing my math correctly.

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Anatomy of a Price Increase: A Nutshell Oral History

On June 1st, 2018—after a massive team effort—Nutshell rolled out a 15% price increase for customers on our “Classic” subscription. This is the story of what happened before, during, and after that price increase, through the perspectives of everyone who was involved.

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The Top 5 Virtual Event Software Platforms of 2021 | Nutshell

What is a virtual event platform? A virtual event platform is a tool that will allow you to recreate the vibe of an in-person conference or trade expo over the internet.. Users should be able to host multiple speakers in both live-streamed and pre-recorded sessions using this kind of software, as well as enable attendees to interact with event hosts at predetermined times.

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Lead Management Tips: 6 Ways to Keep Sales Moving Through

You could offer a free e-book, trial, consultation, coupon code, or other resources. An important thing to remember is that a good offer is valuable to your audience. It should also be made available to the right buyer at the right time.

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How to Plan Content for B2B Brands in 4 Easy Steps | Nutshell

Use on-site SEO to improve your website’s visibility and readability, and use off-site SEO to drive people back to your website. Related: What is SEO content writing? Social media. Don’t think that just because you’re a B2B brand you don’t have to worry about social media. Studies show that over 60% of buyers check out businesses on

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Market Segmentation: The No-Nonsense Guide (w/ Examples)

Broad: Senior discount, veteran discount, coupons, etc. Granular: Computer processors are priced differently when sold to a company as a part (like inside an iMac) than when sold to a consumer as a standalone product. For one, this is because of bulk discounts, but it’s also because the processor may be a large chunk of the total cost of

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5 Messaging Differences Between Savvy Sellers and Serial

If someone signed up for coupons or promotions, sending them email alerts with upcoming deals and sales is the way to go. Getting the right message to the right people is the best way to make sure your outreach efforts pay off.

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What Does 'Seasonality' Really Mean in Sales? | Nutshell

The long, hot stretch of the summer months can bring a painful drought for many sales teams. Buyers become harder to reach and sales cycles start getting longer because potential customers are off vacationing. As the CTO of a coupon distributor called, Mike Catania has seen his company’s revenue consistently dip during the

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