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Actived: Saturday Feb 27, 2021


Five Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Online Scammers

Money-Off Coupons. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. In the last 12 months, numerous retailers have admitted to suffering a massive data breach. As a result, compromised customer data can be used against unsuspecting users to lure them into financial traps. For example, let's say you purchased a Sony PlayStation this year at

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Can We Trust the Security of Mobile Payment Solutions?

CurrentC is yet another type of mobile payment system that was created by Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) and uses QR codes to transfer data and payment. The system was dreamed up even before Apple Pay by a group of big retail store chains to help them to get around the charges from credit card companies that are doled out whenever a customer pays with a credit card.

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Get Ready for an Explosion of Mobile Computing Applications

Visa is working with the Gap on a mobile computing application that sends people coupons whenever they are near a store. And a startup company called SkinScan has created a mobile computing application that uses a device’s camera to allow people to send a picture of a spot on their skin to a service that assesses the likelihood of that spot

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New Mobile POS System Helps Service-Based SMBs Simplify

You don’t need any sort of card reader, you just need the app to pull up on your phone and we securely use the phone to scan numbers off the card. So it makes it one step simpler.” Flint’s app also allows small businesses to send invoices from the web or a mobile device, which also allows repeat customers to be billed and pay online.

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