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Actived: Saturday Feb 27, 2021


New Facebook Coupon Feature Helps Local Businesses

Facebook recommends providing a discount of at least 20% off or more for the best performance. A Thumbnail: You can also upload an image with your offer, which is displayed with the offer text as a 90 x 90 pixel thumbnail. For best results, upload a square image that won't get cropped when Facebook resizes it to fit the thumbnail.

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Why Coupons Work [Infographic] - HubSpot Blog

And online couponing is only going up -- the use of online coupons has increased 13% since 2011. To learn more about the data behind customer spending and the value of coupons in digital campaigns, check out this infographic from Creative Guerrilla Marketing. Originally published Oct 2, 2014 12:00:00 PM, updated February 01 2017

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Facebook Now Testing Offer 'Coupons' for Ecommerce Sites, Too!

But when Macy's rolled out the very first Facebook Offer last month with a 25% off discount for purchases over $100, more than 41,000 claimed the coupon, according to Practical eCommerce. When it does roll out, ecommerce companies and businesses with online stores will be able to create coupons that can be redeemed by customers online. You

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How to Give Your Audience the 5-Star Treatment With

But there's nothing wrong with, say, giving your fans and followers a network-specific coupon code so they can save a few bucks! 2) Access to Up-to-the-Minute Information Watch any local news commercial and you'll see them leveraging this technique -- you have to watch their network if you want to be part of the group that will "hear it first!"

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[HubSpot Connect] - Viewbix Integration

At launch Viewbix is offering 50% off current pricing use the coupon code hubspot2017. Support: This integration is built and supported by Viewbix. Customers can reach out to them for support. Support: Dani Waxman, Product Manager, [email protected] Date Available to Customers: Now Live. Integration pages: Viewbix

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Facebook Advertising Guide | How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

For example, say your business wants to increase the number of signups to your product — your offer might be a discount coupon code. Like any other offer, the user has to submit their personal information through a lead form to access the code, except with Facebook Lead Ads — this form lives within the Facebook app.

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Everything a Marketer Should Know About QR Codes

Integrate QR codes into your store signage and other print advertising. Whether you’re providing coupons for shopping in-store or an easy way to sign up for your newsletter, QR codes make it super easy for customer and prospects to access your information fast on their phone.

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How to Create Marketing Offers That Don't Fall Flat

Coupons; What Makes an Offer a Good One? While the types of offers we mentioned above are all great options for marketing offers, there are a number of qualities that an offer should possess in order for it to be effective for lead generation and nurturing. Here are our top three: 1. Is High Quality/Premium and Valuable to Your Target Audience

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