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Is Paying For Facebook Really Necessary to Reach People?

Facebook used to severely restrict the amount of text on images in their advertising. This made it difficult to create images with easy to read coupons, sales information, inspirational quotes or such that could pass Facebook’s old 20% or less text rule. So, even if you had wanted to pay to boost that content, you couldn’t.

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Social Media Early Adopter, Majority Adopter, Late Adopter

• 58% Get Coupons/Promos • 54% Give Positive Feedback • 51% Give Negative Feedback. Nielsen begins it’s Social Media Report Q3 2011 with this statement: “Social media’s popularity continues to grow, connecting people with just about everything they watch and buy”.

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9 Social Media Basics for Small Business | Growing Social Biz

9 Social Media Basics for Small Business. by Sue Cockburn | Facebook, Growing Business, Social Media. Data from Pew Research shows how social networks have grown dramatically in the last decade! It helps us see why it is important for business owners (and salespeople, artisans, educators, theologians, etc.) to take social media seriously.

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