4 Free Or Affordable Grant Management Software Products

Expensive software is not the answer for every nonprofit or charity. In order to process your grant proposals and acquisitions, check out these five free and affordable grant management software options.

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The 2 Best and Worst Promo Strategies for Retailers

Savvy grocery store shoppers know all about the benefits of using coupons. There are even entire websites and clubs devoted to coupon swapping. However, retailers are coming to realize that a coupon that can be sent in an email or by text proves to be much more effective.

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3 Steps to Understanding and Harnessing the Time Value of

The bond comes with ten 5% coupons attached to it, each one dated for some time in the future. As those dates roll around, you cut out the coupon and cash it in for $50. You’re earning 5% per year in simple interest on $1,000. At the end of ten years, you will cashed in all the coupons and Widgets Co. will give you back your initial investment.

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6 Actionable Last Minute Ways to Increase Holiday Sales

Another way to really drive word-of-mouth, run a tell-a-friend/referral promo on social, or email. Send out a landing page with a coupon code that can only be claimed if you enter in a friend’s email to send a matching discount. Pro-tip: Give your customer a bigger discount the more emails they enter, up to a certain amount.

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Increase Your Sales: 5 Ways for Retailers to Optimize

If your lists are segmented well enough (see below), you should be able to send out coupons to people on items that they purchase frequently. A frequent pants purchaser could get a subject line that reads, “35% off all pants,” or a subject line that reads, “All shirts 50% off with purchase of pants.”

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The 9 Definitive Tips to Prepare Your Store for Black

It seems like a pretty simple sale, but never underestimate the creativity of your customers. One woman had somehow gathered seven of these coupons and insisted on getting seven items at 60% off. I explained to her that coupons were just an announcement of 60% off one item/purchase.

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MailChimp vs Constant Contact: Which Email Software Best

You can receive 10% off your Constant Contact account if you prepay for 6 months in advance, or 15% off for a year in advance. Nonprofits get double the incentive to prepay, with a 20% prepayment discount for 6 months and a 30% prepayment discount for annual payments. Pricing Winner= MailChimp.

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5 Up and Coming Social Media Outlets Marketers Need to

A chirp can be sent over the radio or TV as a type of audible QR code to give listeners coupons, enroll them in contests, and inform them of deals. That said, Chirp requires that the app be open in order for a phone to receive the incoming data. Any marketing message using Chirp will have to be prefaced by a request to open the app first.

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40 Employee Recognition Ideas For Your Praiseworthy Staff

25. Commuting assistance: A gift certificate for a tank of gas or a topped-off metrocard is a big help to people who deal with long commutes. 26. Show-off meetings: If a team has knocked a project out of the proverbial ballpark recently, call a meeting with the relevant people, just to show it off. 27.

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7 Best Free and Open-Source POS (Point Of Sale) Software Tools

uniCenta’s setup is incredibly flexible, allowing you to host it locally or drop it in the cloud to manage multiple locations off the same system. The software is 100% free, but you can upgrade to a subscription service if you fall in love with it. Subscribers get earlier access to new features, extended support, and some exclusive add-ons.

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Real Estate Glossary: Top 29 Real Estate Terms Defined

Paying off the principal allows a buyer to build equity in a home. Principal is combined with interest to determine the monthly mortgage payment. 24. Private mortgage insurance. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is an insurance premium that the buyer pays to the lender in order to protect the lender from default on a mortgage. These insurance

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