Puresterol® is a patented, highly effective extract of P. mirifica that has demonstrated effectiveness in alleviating the symptoms of menopause.

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Carefully formulated with soothing botanicals and fruit extracts, Amata Life Skin Care can take years off your looks. View Collection. BATH & RELAXATION. Is the key to living joyfully and vibrantly. Gifts & Relaxation. Reclaim a moment of your busy day and pamper yourself with our luxurious bath and relaxation collection.

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Pueraria Mirifica - amatalife

Amata Life products include Puresterol®, the only patented, specially processed, highly active compound of Pueraria Mirifica available. Produced in the U.S, it is extracted in an FDA-inspected manufacturing facility that operates as a dietary manufacturer under DSHEA—the strictest regulations for quality assurance.

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Menopause Relief - amatalife

Even better news? These problems and annoyances can all become a distant memory: • Irritability and mood swings • Uncomfortable hot flashes • Poor sleep and feeling tired all day • Vaginal dryness • No sex drive • Achiness • Crawly skin Amata Life offers you a healthier way to balance out the impact of hormonal changes on your body.

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Vaginal Moisturizer - amatalife

Amata Life Vaginal Moisturizer with Puresterol® can help you regain your “youthful lusciousness”… enjoy enhanced intimacy with your partner… and feel happier and more satisfied. Now is your time to flourish and thrive. Let’s get you where you want to be…naturally!

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