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Here's How to Use The New Facebook Post Options | Agorapulse

Optional items include adding a coupon code for online checkout, terms and conditions, as well as limiting the total number of the offer available. Make sure to view what it looks like in both the newsfeed preview as well as the mobile view preview so that you know it will look great either way.

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How to Sell on Facebook During the Holiday Season | Agorapulse

Next, think about any sales, coupons, or other promotions you’ll be running during this time, and plug those dates in as well. This will allow you to see if any promotions overlap or correspond with other holidays or events. Think about posts that you want to publish to advertise stocking stuffers, “gifts for her,” and more.

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4 Tips for Businesses Using Instagram Live Video | Agorapulse

Give early access to something… a coupon code, an announcement, a piece of advice. Reward viewers so they know that every time you do a live video it is worth the full attention. For example, give them early access to a coupon code. Or announce something before it goes live on your website.

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How to Sell on Instagram During the Holiday Season

Check out Asos, a brand who totally gets the FOMO effect. During Black Friday, ASOS announced the 20% off promo code, “GOGOGO.” They then shared a pair of festively sparkly boots with lightning strikes on them. This Instagram post generated over 13,000 likes on Instagram in just three hours.

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6 In-Store Facebook Contest Ideas That Win Top Fans

6 In-Store Facebook Contest Ideas That Win Top Fans. When 82.4% of admins claim their contests met their goals, we consider it proof that Facebook contests work! And it’s not just sweepstakes that do well, either. There are many kinds of Facebook promotions that can drive impressive results for any business. Take brick and mortar stores.

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Which Facebook contest app should you use to promote a

#7 Coupons. A good Facebook coupon app will provide you with customized coupons (detailed information, attractive branding, QR codes…) and qualification data from your participants. These features are must haves to successfully run a travel discount or small giveaway from a getaway campaign.

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How to Sell on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide | Agorapulse

Here is another example from eShakti showing off the power of user-generated content. They regularly ask customers to tag them in photos and then share many of them. This post along got over 1,000 likes in just a couple of days! Like any of your other posts, you can also make this type of content shoppable by simply adding the tag to your

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Best Facebook Pages: Discover How Storytelling Helps Tough

* Highlight your store’s latest promotions (e.g., 20% off this week! Come visit our store) * Offer special deals to those customers who visit your store via Facebook (e.g., unique coupons) * Share local events your business is attending * Find local help or even bloggers for your business * Celebrate a company milestone * Invite users to your

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All you need to know if you want to export Facebook Fans

Coupons; Limited time offers; Special access; You can take this strategy one step further by linking to gated content on your Facebook Page. When you share this type of link, users have to fill out a form and provide contact information before they can access the content. Make sure your gated content offers extra value to increase the chance of

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The 9 Best Facebook Contests of 2014 and How They Can

The 9 Best Facebook Contests of 2014 and How They Can Inspire You. As most of us know by now, running Facebook contests is a great way to engage with your fans. You’re probably already thinking about your next campaign, and you likely have one or more of these goals in mind: o. Reaching and recruiting new fans.

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